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About Lisa Bouchelle
About Lisa Bouchelle

About Lisa

“An invaluable message of positivity and uplifting inspiration... that’ll get stuck in your head for days"
- American Songwriter Magazine

“Lisa Bouchelle has a sound all her own, mixing Americana, pop, funk, hip-hop and singer-songwriter”

- Relix Magazine


“Upbeat, empowering, dynamic, and distinctive… anthemic intensity and a full measure of absolute resolve… proof positive that Bouchelle’s stardom is all but assured.”

- Goldmine Magazine

Lisa Bouchelle has a sound all her own. You might call her "Alt-Americana," for her acoustic-based, Americana music with an edge. But the music she writes unapologetically encompasses a wide variety of genres, including Americana, pop, singer-songwriter, gospel, classic rock, and more. The songs are all based around her unique acoustic guitar grooves, and her lyrics are often about empowerment and believing in oneself, and one's dreams; about not being afraid to take chances in life; to overcome your fears, to go for it, and “Jump In!”

​Lisa has dueted in concert with Jon Bon Jovi, sung backup for Bruce Springsteen, and appeared in a number of off-Broadway productions. She also is the host and creator of the TV show Rock Star Kitchen, which airs twice weekly on The Comcast Network in the mid-Atlantic region.
The first single from her latest album, "Jump In!," reached #21 on the Billboard A/C chart, and videos utilizing music from the album have over 4.6 million views on TikTok. The video was added to MTVu for streaming on college campuses across the U.S., and the album made several "Top Ten" lists, including in the leading mid-Atlantic region’s leading entertainment periodical, The Aquarian Weekly.

Lisa has just released a Deluxe version of “Jump In!” with three bonus tracks, including the new song “Waterproof,” which is available on all streaming and download services. To celebrate the release, she embarked on a 20-city tour with Glenn Tilbrook, the iconic lead singer and founding member of Squeeze.

Her sound has been compared to artists such as Sheryl Crow and Jason Mraz, with an edge reminiscent of classic artists such as Neil Young and Tom Petty. She was included as an “Artist On The Rise” in Relix Magazine, and Philadelphia’s Out On The Town described her as “Larger than life with a voice that could fill an amphitheater and still make you feel like you’re the only one she’s singing to.”

​Lisa first started singing at a young age and sang non-stop… because although her parents loved her deeply, the only time they would stop their constant arguing was when little Lisa sang. So, she sang as much as she could, whenever she could, feeling that it was up to her to keep peace in the household. Now, after losing her father to complications from a heart operation, and her mother to alcoholism, she still finds refuge in her music.

Her fans and listeners often comment that they can feel her emotion as if it were their own, and when they hear a song of hers start, they immediately know, "That's a Lisa Bouchelle song!"

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